step 1


Contact me

Reach out through email or give me a call and lets talk about your project. I want to be as excited as you are and be inspired to do my best work. Lets have a conversation, share our ideas and perspectives, and determine if I am the right person to help you realize your bespoke velo project.

Reserve your spot

We are both inspired and excited about what is now our bespoke velo project. Lets start to discuss budget, timing, logistics and provide a refundable $400 down payment to reserve your spot on my calendar. When I am one week out from starting our project, I will contact you and you will have the opportunity to give a green light or request a refund of your deposit.


You have given the green light and we are both committed to working together to bring our project to life. In the week between the green light and before I start to work, we will collaborate on building a Pinterest board with relevant images, colors, patterns, etc. that represent your tastes and direction for the project. This board will influence and inform the design process. Anything goes here, the more the better, think of it as a visual brainstorm to make sure we are on the same page.

Visit MPH Paint Pinterest Boards

step 2



Working from our shared Pinterest board, and within our determined budget, I will design multiple options for review and discussion. This is a collaborative process where we work together to create something unique and personal to you. Lets make a one of a kind piece that is tailored to your exacting requirements.


We will review the designs and work through edits and revisions to ensure the best solution that meets our expectations and aligns with your budget. We will determine materials, colors, graphics and production techniques to execute the design.

See examples of design presentations


Once we have refined the designs you will make the final sign off to move our project into production. At this point I will provide a total cost for the approved design subtracting the $400 deposit. A second deposit of half of the remaining costs will need to be made in order to move into production.

step 3



The foundation of any creative endeavor is proper preparation. No short cuts or half measure will be made here. The surface of the frame is thoroughly sanded and cleaned. Drop outs, bottom bracket, head tube, bottle cage bolts, brake mounts and frame ends are masked meticulously, completing the frame’s preparation for paint.



Depending on the condition of the frame, 2-3 primers coats are applied. Each primer coat is sanded and dried in the oven at 150°F for an hour. Once we have a sufficient smooth coat of primer, the frame is cleaned and wiped with an tack cloth.


The color coats are now applied with the appropriate masking and in a specific order based on the design. Each color coat is flash cured in 15 mins. To build rich saturated colors and effects this step can be a large number of coats. I prefer to use paint for all graphics, however, some designs are too intricate or small for masking. If decals are necessary, after the color coats, decals are then applied and cured in the oven to ensure proper adhesion.


Clear coats, both matte and gloss are used to seal and protect the frame and add durability for the finish. The frame is shot with a single un-reduced coat of clear over the entire frame. The frame is then placed in the oven at 150°F for 1 hour. The coat is then wet sanded with 320 grit sandpaper to flatten the surface from any layering that might occur from layers of color coats and decals. Then the perfectly smooth frame is wet sanded with 1000 grit sandpaper to remove any imperfections from the surface. 3 more coats of clear are then applied adding more and more reducer per coat. Finally the frame is placed back in the oven for an hour at 150°F for final curing.


Final inspection of the frame is ideally made by you in person if you are in LA area or by me sending you photos before boxing and shipping. My goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with an exceptional piece of functional art that you will enjoy for a lifetime. I stand behind my work 100% and am committed to make sure you are fully satisfied. Final balance of the invoice is due on delivery.